5 Seconds of Summer fans are pissed about this creepy interviewer trying to get the band to strip with her

5 Seconds of Summer is a band of boys who are cute in like, a super marketable way. They make fun pop music that some people like enough to stan, so that’s definitely something. But right now, those stans are out for blood because of the behavior of an interviewer from Italian radio station R101 during an interview with the band.

For all of you video-averse readers (I get it, but this is an article about a video, so…), basically what goes down is that the interviewer, a conventionally attractive woman, has Ashton undo a button on her shirt, which she promptly removes.

Then, she asks the guys to do the same thing, which they are 5 Types of Not Into.

Eventually two of them take off their jackets because they feel kind of bad for her, but nobody else takes off their shirt — which they shouldn’t have to if they don’t want to!

There’s even a petition to get the interviewer fired that has a surprising number of signatures — almost 2,000 at the time of this writing.

R101 has yet to formally issue an apology to the band, and it’s unclear if they plan on doing so. But fans are definitely waiting for one — and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the members of 5 Seconds of Summer are too.

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