An Obama administration official surrendered after he was captured for taking upskirt photographs on open transit.  From The Daily Caller: An official in Barack Obama’s White House resigned in 2016 since he was captured for taking pictures up women’s skirts on DC Metrorail cars, agreeing to the Daily Mail.
The official, William Mendoza, was the executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education until he resigned in November 2016. Mendoza was convicted after pleading guilty in January 2017 to attempted voyeurism, a misdemeanor.

According to the Daily Mail, he used his government-issued iPhone — during work hours — to take the photos and resigned as the Department of Education was readying an investigation into his behavior.

He also allegedly viewed a video on his phone of a woman undressing in a changing room in a clothing store.

Mendoza, 42, described by the paper as married and a father, was earning $140,000 in his Executive Branch position. The judge handed down a 90-day suspended sentence and a $100 fine.

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