Hungary Just WAGED WAR on George Soros – This is What We Have Been Waiting For

Hungary’s nationalist government is fighting back against George Soros and other non-governmental organizations that support migration and pose a “national security risk”.

The Hungarian government is introducing a law that would give power to the interior minister to ban these organizations. The bill is a key part of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s anti-immigration campaign combating U.S. financier George Soros whose philanthropy aims to ramp up support for his globalist agenda and open-border values in eastern Europe.

The bill, submitted to parliament late on Tuesday, would also impose a 25 percent tax on foreign donations to non government organizations (NGOs) that back migration in Hungary. This tax is intended to decrease illegal immigration which is destabilizing Europe, a problem that is being made worse by Soros.

The bill says that NGOs that “sponsor, organize or support the entry or stay of third-country citizens on Hungarian territory via a safe third country to extend international protection … qualify as organizations supporting migration”.

Any activities including: campaigning, advocacy, recruiting volunteers, or producing information booklets would have to be approved by the interior minister, who reserves the right to deny permission if he saw a “national security risk”.

If an NGO refuses to cooperate, Hungarian prosecutors could withdraw the NGO’s tax number, ultimately paralyzing them, hit them with heavy fines and ultimately dissolve them.

Orban has been embroiled in a “Stop Soros” fight, waging a billboard and media campaign suggesting that he would “settle millions from Africa and the Middle East”.

Soros has condemned the campaign against him as “distortions and lies” intended to create a false external enemy.

Pro-government media reported that the new law could lead to a ban on Soros himself, who has U.S. and Hungarian citizenship.

“(Its goal) is to stigmatize certain civil organizations that the government does not like… and to distance them from society, and in the end make their operation impossible,” the committee, which receives a major chunk of its funding from Soros, said in a statement.

Poland, Hungary and other ex-communist eastern member states of the EU have all pushed a strong anti-immigrant stance, even though the number of asylum seekers who want to stay in these countries is much less than that of western European countries.


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