Joe Scarborough Accuses President Trump Of Wanting Christians To Die, He Gets Crushed

According to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, President Trump won’t push gun control because he has some kind of sick plot to kill Christians.

“The president has no problem immediately striking out whenever there’s any other attack that doesn’t involve guns, immediately casting blame before we know who committed the atrocities, immediately coming up with solutions,” said Scarborough.

“He comes up with solutions that we don’t even need for illegal immigration, talking about walls that every expert says we don’t need. He comes up with solutions for terrorism that’s extreme we’re going to ban 1.5 million Muslims from coming into the United States of America when that will never happen,” he claimed.

“And yet, when our children are slaughtered in schools, and we have one school shooting after another after another school shooting, when Christians in the heart of Texas go to church one Sunday morning, and they get gunned down by the same type of weapon, Donald Trump says he can’t do anything. When a crazed man in Las Vegas guns down country music fans that just want to go hear to their country music stars and sing along and have a nice night out after working hard all week, Donald Trump has no answers. He’s clueless,” said Scarborough.

“He is letting our children get slaughtered week, by week, by week. And it will happen again. He’s letting Christians that go to church get slaughtered. Like Pontius Pilate. Paul Ryan, Donald Trump they’re just washing their hands of it like Pontius Pilate. Letting Christians get slaughtered in pews, letting country fans get slaughtered at concerts,” he said. Is MSNBC Fake News?


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