Obama’s Army Is Alive & Well, Chaplain Faces Death Of Career Because Of His Faith

Former President Barack Obama’s work to destroy the U.S. Army continues. A respected and long-service Army chaplain faces the end of his career. The Army is about to punish him, for simply standing up for his religious beliefs.
Over the course of his time in office, Obama worked to destroy the military. He used whatever liberal cause imaginable to change it from a fighting force to a political cesspool. Instead of training men for war, the military became a place of activism. Instead of defending our rights, the Army became ground zero of their destruction.

It comes as no surprise that Obama’s policies specifically target Christians and Christian beliefs. Many of the left’s “causes” just happen to undermine the tried-and-true virtues of the Bible. They claim that they only want non-believers to enjoy the same freedom as everyone else, even in the military. The reality is much different.
We’ve seen how often liberals attack Christians. Obama himself fought to give certain groups more rights than everyone else. If you dare disagree with these liberal pets, they will drag you through the mud. For liberals, the rights of certain people are more important than the rights of others.

That’s just what’s happening now in the Army. A chaplain that has served for years, providing spiritual guidance to many soldiers, faces a career-ending punishment. An investigation is trying to brand him as some kind of bigot and villain. Why? Because he refused to conduct a marriage retreat for a lesbian couple.

A military investigation at Fort Bragg in North Carolina determined that Chaplain Scott Squires should be disciplined for his failure to include a lesbian couple in Strong Bonds, a marriage retreat sponsored by the Army.

The investigation determined that the chaplain, who is endorsed by the Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board (NAMB), had discriminated against the soldier based on her sexual orientation…

When Squires realized he could not participate, he rescheduled the event to accommodate the lesbian couple with a chaplain who could oversee the retreat. But apparently that was not good enough. [Source: Fox News]

“The Army EO policy states that no service will be denied to any member of the Armed Service regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation,” read a report from the investigator. “CH Squires should be reprimanded for his failure to include (name deleted) in the initial Strong Bonds Retreat.”

During Barack Obama’s time in office, the military was weighed down with gay and transgender drama. It continues today. But you have to realize, this has been the LGBT agenda all along: to give their members (a shockingly small minority in the U.S.) greater rights than everyone else. They even prioritize their rights over the First Amendment, which forbids the government from violating a person’s religious faith.

Let me ask you something, should the Army EO policy overrule the Constitution? Of course not. This Army chaplain believes the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality. It would be a violation of his faith to condone a gay wedding. Yet the Army is putting the “rights” of this gay couple before the rights of millions of Christians. They are saying the right for lesbians to get married is more important than a person’s sacred faith.
Keep in mind, this chaplain was not discriminating against this couple. He did nothing to persecute, ostracize, or belittle them. He didn’t even try to stop them from getting married. He arranged for another chaplain to officiate. But that’s not good enough for the LGBT agenda. Everyone must obey their demands, or face utter destruction.

The Army’s investigation determined the chaplain should’ve followed military protocol instead of the rules of the Southern Baptists…

Investigators also ruled the chaplain had committed discrimination by explaining to the offended soldier that his religious beliefs prevented him from participating in the retreat. [Source: Fox News]

It’s official: freedom of religion is dead in the U.S. Army. This ruling states the chaplain had to follow military protocol, even though it violated his religious beliefs. The First Amendment doesn’t matter anymore. Gays have more rights than Christians. Let that sink in.

The investigator said Squires’ explanation was “unnecessary” and “created a situation where he unintentionally violated Army EO policy.”

“That would mean a chaplain can’t even talk about their religious beliefs without being accused of discrimination. That would strip thousands of chaplains across our military of their most basic freedoms under the First Amendment,” First Liberty Institute attorney Mike Berry said. [Source: Fox News]

Pay attention to this: the Army is claiming the chaplain was not allowed to explain to the lesbians what he believed. Had he not done so, he would not be in trouble. Essentially, they’re saying that you can be religious, but you can’t tell anyone about it. They are violating both freedom of speech and freedom of religion in one blow.

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