Satan always keeps you away from worshiping God. How to protect yourself?

Satan needs to shield you from worshiping God. He needs to shield you from making the best choice, regardless of whether that is investing energy alone with the Lord in Scripture and petition, going to and partaking openly love administrations, or whatever other thing that will attract you nearer to the Lord. Here, affability of Thomas Brooks, are eight ways Satan will keep you from adore.

Here’s the manner by which I would urge you to utilize the rundown. Think about the circumstances that you choose to remain in bed as opposed to getting up to peruse the Bible; think about the circumstances you rejected family adore for reasons unknown; think about the circumstances you remained home from chapel as opposed to going to love. Think about those things, and see which of these enticements is the one Satan conveys to you.

1. He makes the world look lovely,1. alluring and attractive. Numerous individuals purport Christ and consider him to be attractive for a period. For some time they appreciate private and open love and do everything with eagerness. Be that as it may, after a short time Satan presents to them common things and makes those look more lovely and alluring than Christ, and numerous souls are drawn away. “Where one thousand are devastated by the world’s grimaces, ten thousand are demolished by the world’s grins.”

2. He makes you mindful of the way that the individuals who venerate the Lord have frequently confronted peril, 1. misfortune and enduring. There are numerous men who might comply with the Lord and love him, aside from that they fear the results. Satan loves to show the high cost of compliance. This was the situation for some in Jesus day: “In any case, numerous even of the experts had confidence in him, however inspired by a paranoid fear of the Pharisees they didn’t admit it, so they would not be put out of the synagogue” (John 12:42).

3. He gives you an attention to the trouble of adoring admirably. Satan will whisper, “It is hard to supplicate well, it is difficult to invest energy with the Lord and to drive forward until the point that he addresses you through his Word, it isn’t justified regardless of the exertion of going to chapel and being warm and agreeable and drawing in with different Christians.” Whatever God instructs you to do, Satan will exhibit it to you as an extraordinary weight or as something you do ineffectively, and along these lines he will keep you from it.

4. He drives you to wrongly comprehend the ramifications of the gospel. Christ has done everything for you and given all that you require in his passing and restoration. There is nothing left for you to do however celebrate in Christ and to serve him out of the delight of salvation. Be that as it may, Satan will lead you to make wrong inductions from what Christ has done, empowering you, for instance, to trust Christ has liberated you from the need or want to invest energy with him or to assemble with different Christians. He will enable you to see the gospel, yet do whatever he can to influence you to comprehend everything incorrectly.

5. He demonstrates to you what number of the individuals who take after Christ with acquiescence are poor and loathed. Satan will guarantee you see that the individuals who are most keen on revering God are the poorest and most loathed of all. You can see echoes of this in John 7: “The Pharisees addressed them, ‘Have you likewise been misled? Have any of the specialists or the Pharisees trusted in him? However, this group does not know the law is damned’.”

6. He demonstrates to you that most of the general population on the planet, alongside the considerable and compelling of the world, don’t love the Lord. Satan will ask, “Don’t you see that the colossal, the rich, the respectable, the scholarly tip top, the astute, the most regarded, and the sheer greater part of individuals don’t inconvenience themselves with adoring the Lord? You would be greatly improved off to resemble them. All things considered, for what reason would you imagine that you, surprisingly, have this made sense of?” To have accomplishment here he will purposefully draw your consideration far from Exodus 23:2 and numerous comparable sections: “You should not fall in with the numerous to do abhorrent, nor might you give testimony a claim, favoring the many, in order to debase equity.”

7. He fills your brain with immaterial and diverting contemplations while you are endeavoring to revere. He distresses you with so much diversion and vanity that you are enticed to state, “I want to get notification from the Lord in his Word, no want to address him in petition, no want to invest energy with different Christians in adore administrations.” He swarms out the very idea of love by the sheer weight of lesser concerns.

8. He urges you to relax because of past exhibitions of your religious obligations and in that way he persuades you to quit attempting. He advises you that in the past you read so much and implored so much and invested such a great amount of energy in love. Also, having reminded you, he persuades you that you have earned the privilege to drift for some time. “You definitely know this. You’ve effectively done this. You’ve just supplicated this. You’ve been to preferred love benefits over this.” And through everything he slants you to rest from revere.

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